My Role:
Research, Rendering, 3D Modeling
Design Tool:
Rhino, KeyShot, Photoshop, Illustrator
January, 2024 - April, 2024
The Project
"AD AQUAM" was a workshop collaboration between a select group of students from and Rubinetterie Treemme.

Together with a selection of some of the company’s most iconic collections, the projects from the workshop were featured in the AD AQUAM installation at the Fuori Salone di Milano 2024 in the outdoor spaces of the ADI Design Museum.
Research water use habits, competitors products, market, and  solutions to reduce consumption.
Implement research and technology into and design a shower control.
Create a design that adheres to Treemme's design style and brand positioning.
The final product must guarantee water and energy savings in consumption and have a low environmental impact in the production processes.
Preliminary Research
“Reduce water waste by making the users aware of their water usage and allowing the users to choose presets for a quicker shower response.”
"The problem encountered is that people do not often have a good insight into their behavior because it is a habit and they may not be very aware of what they are actually doing".
Product Design
UI Design
Home Screen
Choosing Preset
Preset Screen
What have I learned from this project?
Team work makes the dream work: I learned how to work and communicate in a culturally diverse team with members from backgrounds in different fields.
User Journey's are powerful: Being aware of the user's needs and the pain points they experience helped us to create a seamless, intuitive, and comfortable experience.
Be open minded: Starting a project off with many design ideas will lead to deeper research topics and will ultimately help the end product be more cohesive.