My Role:
3D Modeling, Rendering, Diagrams, Animations, Presentation
Design Tool:
Rhino, KeyShot, Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma
November, 2023 - February, 2024
The Project
HiBird is a portable device designed for teams without borders. Our design purpose is to make it possible to have natural and uninterrupted dialogue for hybrid team meetings while keeping in mind that team work can be done in noisy environments. HiBird is a modular and shareable device, so it is designed with hygienic features and technologies.
Create a user journey of a hybrid meeting experience and define the major pain points experienced
Write a project brief and establish KPI's to organize goals for the solution
Research existing solutions and understand where they could improve
Select and research relevant technologies
Design a product that incorporates the selected technologies, is shareable, is comfortable for the user, and is portable in order to be used in diverse meeting environments
Preliminary Research
User Journey
Debrief and KPI's
Design a portable device that makes it possible to have natural and uninterrupted dialogue for spontaneous hybrid meetings in noisy environments for groups that change in size.
Input / Output background sound filtering
Constant clear audio anywhere
Hygienic and shareable product
Minimum 3 users, expandable to more users
Small enough to fit in a backpack
8 hour battery life
400€ for base configuration
Preliminary Research
After finalizing the goals for our device we moved into researching products and technologies that could relate to a shareable and portable hybrid meeting device. Using Miro in order to collaborate, our team divided the research into seven main topics:
Output Audio
Input Audio
Multiple Users
Product Design
User Journey
User Experience
What have I learned from this project?
Team work makes the dream work: I learned how to work and communicate in a culturally diverse team with members from backgrounds in different fields.
User Journey's are powerful: Being aware of the user's needs and the pain points they experience helped us to create a seamless, intuitive, and comfortable experience.
Be open minded: Starting a project off with many design ideas will lead to deeper research topics and will ultimately help the end product be more cohesive.