My Role:
3D Modeling, Rendering, Animations, Storytelling
Design Tool:
Rhino, KeyShot, Photoshop, AfterEffects
January, 2024 - February, 2024
The Project
Another reason to fear Y2K as it inches ever closer! Yesterday, police made the discovery that the 29 year old cyberterrorist Aiden Pearce had rigged a hand-held gaming console, GP2S, to connect to the world wide web. With his innovation, Pearce has been terrorizing the city of Silicon Valley, disrupting traffic lights, jamming police scanners, and hacking the security systems of major tech companies in order to steal confidential information. Police continue their search for the hacker and urge anyone with tips to contact their local police agencies.

During the height of internet phobia and at the dawn of Y2K, Watch Dogs Cyberspace begins mid-1998, a time when the internet is talked about like guns and fake news are talked about in America today. The public thinks David Pearce, with his internet connected hand-held gaming console, GP2S, is a "bad guy with a gun", but it's actually the government spreading propaganda and using fear of the internet as the catalyst. Using people's already present uneasiness, the government wants to stop David Pearce as he infiltrates major tech companies and data centers in order to expose them. They are faking data leaks and selling people's information to major world powers and using the information to spy on people, invading privacy and breaking international law.
Design a GPS device that fits prefabricated interior components, a specific screen size, and uses only four buttons
3D model the device using Rhino, keeping in mind plastic injection molding processes and structures
Product Design
Process and Ideation
Sketching by hand is a very important part of the design process. In order to come up with GP2S, I went through many iterations of sketches trying to find the right one to match a video game about tech set in the late 90's.
What have I learned from this project?
3D Modeling: During this project I practiced 3D modeling using Rhino 3D
Plastic Injection Molding: I had to model GP2S using the practice of plastic injection molding keeping in mind the structure and holes for the screws
Disclaimer: This project is completely conceptual. The storyline is based inspired by the Watch Dogs video game series created by Ubisoft. All images used in this project are not mine and belong to Watch Dogs by Ubisoft.