My Role:
Brand Identity Guide, Mockups, Website
Design Tool:
Adobe Suite, Webflow
September, 2020 - January, 2021
The Project
Boson Protocol came to We and Bold to create a brand identity that would stand out in the rapidly growing crypto market. Because Boson Protocol uses cutting-edge technology, transforming digital currencies into a physical products, it needs an identity to match it's futuristic enterprise.
Create an innovative brand identity
Design a responsive, comprehensive website that communicates Boson Protocol to consumers as well as investors
Design detailed One-Pager and Lite-Paper using the brand identity
The Process
Build. Measure. Learn.
I used We and Bold's Client Benchmark to understand the vision of Boson Protocol's founders and with that in mind, began researching where Boson stood in the market itself. We begin the brand design process by first creating a mood board based on the overlap of the client's vision and research findings.
Walk client through our Client Benchmark to understand client's ambition and brand vision, mission, voice
Research the market and validate the client/brand hypothesis.
Create a series of mood boards based on the client's vision and market research.
Create a Brand Identity Guide using mockups showcasing how to use the brand correctly in order to maintain consistency.
Design the website, one-pager, and lite-paper
Brand Identity Guide
Ideating Solutions
We chose to design the website with a clean and simple look in order to showcase ambitious and important information in an easily digestible manner.
Wrapping up
What have I learned from this project?
Research is a must: Aligning your brand to other's in the market helps your brand reach its target audience
Brand Identity Guides are powerful: Consistency is key to creating a recognizable brand
The client is always right: Creating iterations of design elements for the client to choose from helps optimize the design process and allows for efficient communication and therefor better relationships.